Mission & Overview


Our mission for reunion weekends is to provide an opportunity for those that served in Vietnam to spend some time together.

We plan a weekend of activity, fun and food but it is those that attend that supply the most essential elements of friendship and brotherhood that make each gathering so special. 




We welcome all service members from ANY branch who served in Vietnam.

The Ohio River LZ Chapter of The Vietnam Helicopter Pilots consists of members from Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio & Tennessee who flew helicopters in Vietnam.

The Ohio River LZ Chapter normally meets in the spring of each year. The location of the reunion normally changes yearly.


Original Founding Group Of 15 Members

Webmaster - Bob Hamilton - captbob757@ohrivlz.org

(use of the term web"master" should be use lightly)

I publicly thank and acknowledge the help of Scott Hack @ Finish Line Realty in Louisville, Kentucky for his amazing help and support to me and our organization in getting this web site together. Without his help, I’m certain this site may not have been operational for on-line registration in the time-frame needed. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to him and his company for your real estate needs in the Louisville area.